Day in the life of Marianna - Recruitment Co-ordinator

This is a very dynamic role which gives me the opportunity to work with many partner organisations. Being the only RC for volunteers in the office, I am responsible for the whole recruitment process from start to finish. This includes raising awareness about the volunteering roles through social media, partner websites, adverts and recruitment stands. As well as this, I am in charge of screening applications, arranging interviews and inducting the new volunteers.

I’ve always been a people person and enjoy being around others, however, I also really enjoy getting my head down and have time to work independently. This role is perfect because it allows me to do both.

A typical day in the office includes the following:

8:45 – Start the day with a morning briefing to catch up on any operational activities. This is an opportunity for me to make the rest of the team aware of any new starters or any events that I’ll be attending throughout the week.

9:00 – Grab a coffee and sit at my desk filtering through any emails that have come through. I usually like to start the day by writing a ‘To do list’; I find that it’s a great way to create a structure and plan my time accordingly.

10:00 – If I have an external event planned, usually at this time I would be setting off to the location and get everything set-up. Otherwise, if I’m in the office, I tend to use this time to screen any applications that may have come in overnight and make contact to arrange interviews with successful applicants.

12:30 – Normally if I’m in this office, at this point I would pop outside to grab a sandwich and a drink with Rachel, the training coordinator. This is a great time for us to catch up on the progress of new volunteers and for us to come up with any solutions to any challenges the volunteers may be facing.

13:00 – At this point we are back in the office and I normally catch up with any emails that have come through during lunch time. If I have an afternoon event, at this point I would be getting my things ready to leave to go to the location and get things ready.

14:00 – If I have an afternoon interview scheduled, this is when I’ll most likely be interviewing and assessing a candidate for a volunteering role.

15:00 – When I’m having an interview day, at this point I would be interviewing a second candidate. If I’m not interviewing, at this point I would be making calls or sending emails to existing and new partner organisations to arrange external awareness events.

16:00 – I like to spend the last hour of the day doing any administration tasks such as sending out any new HR paperwork to new starters and saving any documents that they return. At this point I would also be updating any spreadsheets with marketing activities that have taken place on that day and scheduling any social media posts for the following days.

16:55 – I like to pack up my things and tidy my desk to ensure that it’s clean and tidy for the next day.