Day in the life of Terrianne - Welfare Benefit Caseworker

A typical day would start with me looking at my diary and familiarising myself with the clients that I will be seeing that day and the basic background of their case, either on our case recording system if they have been to us before, or on the referral form from Bedford Borough Council. This can be helpful to make notes and check if there are any specific questions that need to be asked during the appointment.

In between appointments I am writing up client cases, contacting clients to arrange appointments that have been referred to me from the Local Authority or 1st line advice service, and managing ongoing casework.

The clients that I meet come from all walks of life, each with their own story. Most of my clients are very appreciative of what I am trying to do for them and the help and support that I am providing. Whilst others struggle with the emotional aspect of navigating welfare benefits and can become frustrated at the ‘system’, which can be challenging to manage.

No two days are ever the same and there is always something new to learn, whether that be a changes in legislation, hunting for an answer to the most unexpected question or managing clients and the complexities of their lives and cases.

At the beginning of a Welfare Benefits Caseworker’s journey, the amount of training required can be overwhelming, but there is plenty of support from management and other caseworkers. That said, when it is all done, I can promise that the role is very rewarding and definitely worth it, even on the more challenging days.