Day in the life of Simon - Trainee Money Advice Caseworker

As the newest member of the team I am always learning, mainly because each client situation is different.  Luckily I work with a very supportive team who are always happy to share their knowledge and provide help when needed.  During the initial phase of training it involves learning about a range of different debt related subjects through e-learning and reading.  This  knowledge is then put into context during training sessions with my supervisor.  Following this phase it moves on to putting the previous learning into practice with clients, whilst still doing additional learning between clients to continue my development. I start the day by checking what appointments are booked in and checking notes regarding the client’s case.  Having  an understanding of the clients situation enables me to prepare for the appointment effectively.  During the appointment, my job is to make sure that I gather as much information as possible to fully understand their circumstances and the issues that they are facing.  By building up a detailed picture of the clients circumstances, it means that I can then research the relevant solutions for the client and accurately explain the situation to my supervisor or other colleagues for guidance.  Once I have established the appropriate solutions, I then explain these options to the clients and agree with them any actions that need to be taken to solve their debt problems. Following the appointment, I use all of the information that I have gathered to write up case notes.  This includes a summary of the discussion I have had with the client, the information that the client has been provided with and what future actions have been agreed.  For my development I get feedback from my supervisor and identify any follow up training required. Although the main tasks follow the same cycle, no two days are the same as each client has unique circumstances.